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Related Stories – How to Pick Them

If you are a writer submitting a story to USC News, and you know of other stories, photos or content already on USC News that are related to your story, please provide the links to these stories when you upload your content on Wufoo. Related stories are very important because they help our readers continue to engage with USC content. You can find related stories at the bottom of every USC News article.

For editorial staff who upload content to USC News, here is…

Guidance on how to select related stories

Select related stories through the Related stories menu. Your goal is to keep readers surfing through our site by identifying other stories they want to read. These related stories appear at the bottom of each story on USC News.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are loading story about a social entrepreneurship startup created by USC Marshall alumni. You figure a reader might be interested in similar stories.

Related stories


  1. Type in a search term into the Related Stories’ Search bar. For example, startup.
  2. Stories with this word in the headline will come up on the left side of the screen. If you know that a story  on the list is a good story, select POST, and the story will appear on the list on the right side of the screen.
  3. In the past, headlines could be vague, so sometimes it will take a little digging to find the right stories. If you find what seems like a good headline but you’re not sure whether it’s an appropriate story, then right-click on the headline to make the actual story appear in a tab on your browser. You can review that story to determine if you want to use it as a related story. Try not to pick extremely old stories unless it’s appropriate.

If you work in a school or unit and you are uploading a story submission through Wufoo, you can suggest related stories by including the stories’ URL in your Wufoo submission. You can only include stories from USC News – you can’t link to related stories outside the USC News system.